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Curve Glass Chest Freezer

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No matter whether it is in the supermarket, at the petrol station or kiosk – Liebherr’s impulse sales chest freezers promote business in all self-service areas. Because
Liebherr sales chest freezers present goods attractively, clearly and invitingly: what better way to help your customers come to a quick decision. Liebherr sales chest freezers also make economic sense. State-of-the-art refrigerating technology ensures exemplary low power consumption. And the high quality guarantees long lifeand reliable operation – for many years to come.

Brand: LIEBHERR, Germany

Assembled: Malaysia

Gross/Net Capacity: 554/417 Liter, 483/363 Liter, 412/308 Liter, 341/254 Liter, 270/199 Liter, 199/145 Liter

Energy Consumption in 24 Hour: 4.020 KWh, 3.580 KWh, 2.440 KWh, 2.330 KWh, 1.760 KWh, 1.620 KWh

Temperature Range: -10C to -24C

Climate Rating: ST(4+)

Refrigerant: R-134A

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